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Invisalign by Comfortable Care Dentistry


Invisalign has become a household name as an orthodontic device that straightens teeth invisibly and allows users to maintain their professional image. The secret to this appliance is the series of clear plastic aligners that the patient wears to gently align teeth into place according to a treatment plan designated by Dr. Kostrzewski. The product has been proven to effectively straighten teeth and has been tested in numerous clinical studies and by orthodontists around the world.

Invisalign has been proven to treat many of the same causes as traditional dental braces however is not recommended for all cases. Dr. Kostrzewski will perform an extensive evaluation of your teeth to determine if you are an eligible recipient of Invisalign.

Treatable Cases of Invisalign

Invisalign was created for teenagers and adults who want to maintain their mature image while having their teeth aligned. The device has been proven to correct the following dental concerns:

Spaced Teeth- When a jaw continues to grow abnormally it may cause teeth to space. This can lead to more problems with the mouth including gum disease as well as an unsightly smile.

Overly Crowded Teeth- Crowding of teeth occurs when your jaw does not have enough room to support all your teeth to fit normally. Left untreated, overly crowded teeth can get worse over time and lead to increased plaque accumulation which can lead to gum disease.

Crossbite- Crossbite is when the both the upper and lower jaws are misaligned. Crossbite can lead to abnormal tooth wear and chipping, and periodontal problems including gum disease and bone loss.

Underbite- Underbite is when the lower teeth extend beyond the front teeth. It can lead to jaw and joint problems.

Overbite- Overbite occurs when the upper teeth bite beyond the lower teeth. This can lead to chipped teeth and fractured teeth.

How to Get Invisalign

Getting Invisalign is a determination that you and Dr. Kostrzewski can make together after a thorough evaluation of your teeth. The first thing would be to go over your personal goals and other treatment options, if any. If it is decided that you are eligible for Invisalign we will take photographs and impressions of your teeth and send them to Invisalign so that they can manufacture your custom set of aligners that are made according to Dr. Kostrzewski's treatment plan. Once your treatment begins you will be required to follow the guidance that is provided to you by our office in regards to wearing your new aligners.

For more information regarding Invisalign or to schedule a consultation, please contact our office today. Contact Comfortable Care Dentistry Today 203-951-3153

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