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Tooth colored restoration is the modern way to improve tooth function and appearance. Avoiding unsightly silver and amalgam fillings are an example of this.
Posterior teeth refer to premolars and molars, teeth that are in the back of the mouth.
These appliances are placed to preserve the functionality of your mouth and to protect damaged teeth.
Dentures are a dental appliance that serve to replace missing teeth and can replace all missing teeth or only the teeth that are missing.
Regular cleanings are part of a good oral health regime. The American Dental Association recommends biannual visits to your dentist to maintain good health.
Dental sealants help defend against decay and are most commonly used in children as they are highly susceptible to cavities.
Your gums can become damaged through oral neglect and through poor habits. We can help remedy the effect of gum disease before it gets worse.
Snoreguards are custom designed mouthguard appliances that remedy the effects of snoring by opening the airways so that they are unobstructed.
We utilize the NTI-tss device which is a tension suppression system designed to remedy the effects of migraines.
Mouthguards are used to protect the teeth and mouth from injury and to protect the teeth from clenching and the resulting damage.
Bad breath is a common problem that affects the people around you. We help treat and prevent bad breath from hindering your life.
We offer in-office Zoom Whitening and take-home whitening kits for your convenience.
Dental fillings are a common procedure that many patients will have to go through. We use tooth colored resins to make your teeth look and feel natural.
Veneers are used to beautify ones teeth by covering them with a porcelain shell that creates bright smiles.
Dental bonding is used to remedy minor defects in the teeth with a material that helps to restore teeth function, look, and feel.
Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth and are a popular and safe permanent solution.
A root canal is a dental procedure that is used to remove diseased pulp tissue from the interior of a tooth.
A full mouth rehabilitation is for severe cases of restoring the teeth and may incorporative many restorative procedures.
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Absolutely love the experience so far. They are a great group to work with! I highly recommend them for anyone who has any fear of the dentist (or not)!
Serena 10:37 am on Tuesday, July 24, 2012
I dreaded the dentist until my visit to Dr. K’s office…..what a great experience! I had some serious tartar build up and was freaking out about it……..could it be fixed…..?? Thanks to Adriana my teeth were restored! They feel rejuvenated, lighter and look brighter! I can’t stop looking in the mirror at my teeth. I literally was going in the bathroom every few minutes to grab a close up…. and still do!! They revived my teeth and smile during my first visit! SO HAPPY! Extremely comfortable and affordable care….not to mention EVERYONE (and I met the entire office) is BEYOND friendly and super professional. I never felt like anyone was shaking a finger at me for my past aversion of the dentist. Looking forward to my years of oral care with this team! THANK YOU!!!!!
AJ Castorina 8:35 am on Friday, July 20, 2012
We love Dr K and staff! Always a pleasant experience, even if it is for a filing. We would never trust our mouths with anyone else!
Daniel 12:42 pm on Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Dr. K, with his medical perfection and exceptional personality,along with his entire staff has created a dental program that I believe to be unequaled in the area.
Ron Arbour 10:37 am on Thursday, March 1, 2012
The best Dentisty around. They make you feel very comfortable and take the fear of going to the dentist. The staff is very friendly and professional. Dr. K takes the time and explains everything step by step. He’s great!! When you walk into that office you feel at home. I highly recommend Comfortable Care.
Beverly Blackwell 9:22 pm on Monday, February 27, 2012
the staff and Dr are the best they make it easy for the white knuckle patient to relax and get down with what is needed and they make wonderful about i have been a patient for years and we never have to panic about the money end they find a way to make it work. many thanks for the years of wonder ful care Kathy Draeger
Kathy draeger 1:15 pm on Thursday, February 16, 2012
I admit it, I’m terrified of dentistry. Because of years of neglect, I finally HAD to see a dentist, and what attracted me to Comfortable Care was its offer of sleep dentistry– take a pill, fall sleep, and wake up at home with all the work done (you’ll need a ride to and from, of course). Dr. K. and all his staff are friendly and helpful beyond description.
Bob Johansmeyer 7:33 am on Monday, January 30, 2012
Comfortable care staff always have gone above and beyond to make sure that I’m satisfied, informed and have a plan, which is very important to me. Even though dental visits can usually be difficult, I find myself looking forward to all the smiling faces that don’t need to look in a computer or a chart to know my name when I walk in. =)
Kari 8:45 am on Thrusday, January 19, 2012