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Risks of Poor Oral Health

Poor dental health

Risks of Poor Oral Health

Visits to the dentist are recommended twice a year to help patients prevent the onset of oral health problems.  The goal of Comfortable Care Dentistry is to help patients become aware of the risks associated with avoiding proper oral health care and understand the importance of maintaining and preserving their oral health.  Below are some common problems that occur as a result of neglect.

Tooth Loss

Tooth loss occurs because the teeth have either suffered some sort of trauma or patients have allowed gum disease to rob them of their teeth.  Gum disease is a bacterial infection that occurs as a result of the accumulation of plaque that constantly forms on your teeth.  Periodic dental visits are required to remove the build-up of these harmful bacteria as good at-home dental care simply is not enough.  If you have lost teeth you can experience a change in your facial features, loss of the jaw bone where teeth once existed, lack of nutritional requirements and social embarrassment.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is cancer that forms in the mouth and can occur in the cheek, on the gums and on the roof of the mouth.  Although mostly linked to tobacco and smoking users, oral cancer is also linked to heavy alcohol use and poor oral hygiene.  As part of your routine check-up, Dr. K will examine your mouth for oral cancer and possible signs that you may be at risk for its development.  This is a serious diagnosis as one in four persons with oral cancer die because they did not catch the disease early enough.

Gum Disease

Gum disease goes beyond just putting yourself at risk for tooth loss and social embarrassment.  It can also lead to lead to heart disease, stroke, pre-term pregnancy, diabetes, respiratory disease and other health risks.  Some studies suggest that the bacterium that exists in your mouth enters your blood stream and can affect other areas of your body.  Gum disease can be avoided with proper dental care and routine visits to your dentist.  This will help to prevent, detect and treat gum disease before it results in affecting your overall oral health and leads to further complications.