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Time to Look for a New Family Dentist in Milford CT?

Some people have a regular dentist just because they found a dentist a while back and haven’t ever changed. That doesn’t always mean they are 100 % satisfied with that dentist. Some just don’t ever change. But if you’re not happy, you should seek out alternative options. Maybe your dental clinic doesn’t make you comfortable. […]

Women’s Hormonal Changes Linked to Gum Disease

A recent review of women’s health studies has shown a link between women’s health issues and gum disease. Hormonal changes that women naturally go through such as puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause have been shown to fluctuate women’s hormones so much so that they can change conditions in the mouth and allow bacteria to grow, […]

Dr. Walter Kostrzewski Seeks Connecticut Veteran in Need of Dental Care for ACE Charity

Restorative dentist Walter Kostrzewski is actively seeking a U.S. veteran who is in need of advanced dental treatments as part of his affiliation with the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics (ACE) “A Soldier’s Smile” charity. The charity is being presented by ACE with the help of marketing agency Results, Production & Marketing (RPM) and celebrity Montel […]

The Psychology of a Smile with CT Dentist Dr. K

Dr. Walter Kostrzewski of Comfortable Care Dentistry in Milford, CT knows a thing or two about smiles. He designs and perfects them with his dental team every day. After years and years of designing, treating, and studying principles of smile design, he is considered one of the best smile designers in the New England area.

Dr […]

Meet Dr. Walter Kostrzewski of Comfortable Care Dentistry, CT

Many of our Connecticut patients choose us for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy our advanced dental technology, some like the convenience of our Milford office, and others because of the quality of dental care that we offer. In addition to all these great things we think it is great when a patient choses us […]

Connecticut Dentist Explains Benefits of Dental Sedation for Anxious Patients

Dr. Walter Kostrzewski of Comfortable Care Dentistry in Milford, CT is no stranger to anxious patients and the methodologies used to quell their fears. As one of the more high profile restorative and cosmetic dentists in eastern Connecticut, his experiences have brought him face-to-face with patients that have been avoiding dental care their whole lives […]

NTI Device Dentist in Connecticut

Dr. Walter Kostrzewski of Comfortable Care Dentistry in Milford, CT utilizes the NTI-tss device for patients who suffer from:

Jaw pain

The NTI device is the most effective non-drug FDA-cleared method of migraine prevention on the market and is available through our office. This device is not available over-the-counter, a patient seeking migraine or TMJ pain relied […]

Choosing a Veneers Dentist in Connecticut

Given the latest trends in dentistry and improving your overall appearance, many of our Milford patients inquire about dental veneers. Veneers are ultra-thin sheets of tooth-like material that are bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth to improve appearance and often, oral health. Aesthetics are important to many people, particularly those in the business […]

Why Choose Invisalign in Milford, CT

Most patients are aware of Invisalign and ask for it by name. But did you know that Invisalign isn’t available at every dentist or orthodontist office? It’s true, Invisalign dentists must complete a course offered through Invisalign to be able to provide the treatment to patients. Invisalign, like traditional braces, allows your dentist to formulate […]

Dr. K Featured in Milford Patch for Charity

Dr. Kostrzewksi of Comfortable Care Dentistry was recently featured in an article about the Crown Council’s Smiles for Life charity. Read the article below or follow the link to the Milford Patch.

It’s time again for the Crown Council’s Smiles for Life campaign.  This March through June, your local Crown Council dentist, Comfortble Care Dentistry, is offering […]